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This was a triumphI’m making a note here; “Huge success”It’s hard to overstateMy satisfactionAperture Science:We do what we mustBecause we canFor the good of all of usExcept the ones who are deadBut there’s no sense cryingOver every mistakeYou just keep on tryingTill you run out of cakeAnd the science gets doneAnd you make a neat gunFor the people who areStill aliveI’m not even angryI’m being so sincere right nowEven though you broke my heart,And killed meAnd tore me to piecesAnd threw every piece into a fireAs they burned it hurt becauseI was so happy for youNow, these points of dataMake a beautiful lineAnd we’re out of betaWe’re releasing on timeSo I’m GLaD I got burnedThink of all the things we learned-For the people who areStill aliveGo ahead and leave meI think I’d prefer to stay insideMaybe you’ll find someone elseTo help you?Maybe Black Mesa?That was a joke *Haha – Fat Chance*Anyway this cake is greatIt’s so delicious and moistLook at me: still talkingWhen there’s science to doWhen I look out there,It makes me GLaD I’m not youI’ve experiments to runThere is research to be doneOn the people who areStill aliveAnd believe me I amStill aliveI’m doing science and I’mStill aliveI feel fantastic and I’mStill aliveWhile you’re dying I’ll beStill aliveAnd when you’re dead I will beStill aliveStill alive

Still Alive – Wikipedia


“Still Alive” is a song featured in the closing credits of the 2007 video game Portal. It was composed and arranged by Jonathan Coulton and was performed by …

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“Want You Gone” was written by Jonathan Coulton, who also wrote “Still Alive”, and sung by Ellen McLain, the Voice actor for GLaDOS, …

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GlaDOS, the artificially intelligent computer system from Portal, is one of the greatest video game villains of all time, but she’s an even …

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“GLaDOS’ Song” is the title of a song cut from Portal 2, written and performed by Ellen McLain. Offered by John Patrick Lowrie and his wife to Valve for use …

Want You Gone | Villain Song Wiki


“Want You Gone” is a song from the 2011 puzzle video game Portal 2. It features GLaDOS as she sings about how she no longer cares what happens to …

Still Alive | Half-Life Wiki | Fandom


“Still Alive” is a song featured in Portal. It is sung from the perspective of GLaDOS and used as the song that runs over the game’s credits.

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Feb 23, 2018 – The end of Portal, the cores dropped by GLaDOS must be dropping into the incinerator which briefly opens after pressing the button found in …

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“GLaDOS’ Song”, it’s unofficial names being “Don’t Say Goodbye” and “Never Say Goodbye”, is a song originally written for the soundtrack of the game Portal …